Greater Seattle Area Bipolar Disorder Meetup Group - NAMI

Group Description

Meet with local people who have been diagnosed with, or think they may have, or believe they have, bipolar disorder (aka manic depression) for discussion, information, and support.

Note:† Meeting size is usually about 15 people, most people just don't RSVP.

This group is also open to people who want to know more about the disorder (ie, those with family or friends who have it) so they can learn more about it and how to support them better. It's always great to see (for example) a boyfriend or wife at group.

As the "headline" says, please attend this group twice before forming your opinion on whether you wish to continue attending. Just as we are all different (Bipolar or not!) and are all at different points of our journey, each meeting is a little different from the last. For example, what if at next week's meeting i'm feeling depressed, so I don't moderate very well. Try it twice and I think you'll find that all things considered, it's helpful to spend time with others that have experienced the same things you have, and can help you out in whatever way they're able.

Don't believe what you may have seen in the news or read in a novel or heard on the subway -- you CAN lead a healthy, happy, successful life as a person diagnosed with Bipolar - many have before you! To quote a member that phrased it quite nicely,

"Bipolar computer programmers, med school students, artists, bicyclists, photographers, nannies, movie directors, sales people, wall street executives, construction workers, small business owners, the list goes on and Iíve met them all. Each of us are individuals linked by a common ground."

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope this group proves helpful for you, if even in a small way.

For for information please feel free to contact David Combs at or 425-213-4670.

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