Lovers of Seattle Symphony, Opera, PNW Ballet, and more

Group Description

We are a group of fun-loving fans of classical music, be it symphonic, chamber, solo, or operatic, who are looking for similar-minded connoisseurs and amateurs alike on weekly adventures (sometimes even multiple events each week) to concerts at Benaroya Hall by the Seattle Symphony or the various chamber groups during the chamber music festival, live operas at the Seattle Opera, or live/encore opera broadcasts from the Metropolitan opera via the Met HD Live/Encore program. In addition to simply attending these events, we also love socializing, getting to know each other, and hanging out prior to and/or after the events, since we all know classical music is far from the boring congregation of suited-up adults silently admiring musicians showing off their tuxedos. Our goal is to spread the love and appreciation of classical music for all the people. No musical background or knowledge is necessary.