The Square Pegs Adult Autistic Meetup Group

Group Description

The Square Pegs Social Club is a place for those of us who don't conform to get to know one another and make new friends without having to explain our eccentricities. So many of us have struggled alone for so long, our social skills may be lacking or misunderstood by many NT people, so this club has been created to give us a place to call our own where we are the norm. Most Asperger's groups are geared to families of diagnosed children, therapy and techniques to enable us to blend in, these things will not be the focus here. There are very few opportunities for adults, young adults and teens on the spectrum to to just get to know each other and hang out, and we aim to help remedy that. We are trying to be a place where everyone can just be themselves without having to worry about the societal norms & judgments, unspoken rules, and all the other little things that tend to trip us up. As the group grows and evolves we hope to expand the number and types of activities for members to engage in such as movie night, gaming night, debate night, maybe even trips etc. We would like to be less of a support group and more of a group of friends that help each other cope with a world that doesn't always understand us.

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