Guitar Enthusiasts

Group Description

I am a beginner and I am looking for anyone at any stage that would like to get together and learn from each other, to answer questions, discuss equipment, songs you have learned or tabbed, cords you have had a hard time learning and just get together with your guitars because you enjoy learning, playing, showing your new baby (guitar) or just want to hang with like minded people! Locations would be large Starbucks, Library meeting rooms (Reserved in advanced), homes/apt. if volunteered, outdoor locations (weather permitting: Gasworks, Volunteer Park, Marymoore, Greenlake etc.) or other venues which can host 5-10 people with their Acoustic or Electric guitars. Let's just be mindful of others, portable amps on low, headsets if possible etc. Also, guitar instructors are welcome to pitch their classes if they are willing to give a short group lecture on a general topic. Come, let's make sweet music together! All are welcomed!