Pike Place Market

Address: 85 Pike St
Phone: (206) 682-7453
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Category: Farmers Market
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  • The Wall Street Journal

    The seafood's really good, there's a lot of local artists, a lot of beautiful jewelry. The most encompassing Seattle way to spend an afternoon.

    Pike Place Market is home to the first Starbucks, Rachel the Pig, numerous street performers and entertainers, and the Pike Place Fish Market, which features the fish-throwing fishmongers.

    Meet Rachel, a 700-pound swine statue that sits among the crowds in this market. Rest assured, any coins you donate to the piggy bank go to local non-profits.
  • ToryBurch

    Locals and tourists alike are drawn to the market for its catches-of-the-day, fresh produce, minstrel-like musicians and to take pictures of the iconic sign.
  • Rachel Riley-Price

    Hit up the original Starbucks!
  • Alana Hussing

    Saw them throw fish at the famous fish market!
  • 30 Minutes Or Less

    It's better seafood than you deserve, so #DontBlowIt trying to haggle for a deal.
  • Meghan Emery

    my absolute favorite place to be. make sure you check out beechers!
  • Mark Meyers

    Watch the fish throwing!
  • Theresa Fabulous

    Don't miss the gum wall!
  • 4sqSeattle

    Make this 1 of your 5 places to check in to get the Seattleite badge! See the list for the other venues.
  • Jeff shuey

    The mini-donut stand near the magazine rack is awesome. Get 'em fresh - the cinnamon sugar donuts are da kine.
  • Erin Manalo

    watch the fish fly.
  • Thrillist

    One of the oldest farmers markets in the United States! It's always worth a walk-through in good weather.
  • Gordon Werner

    an interesting public market with Food, Produce, Trinkets, Artwork and more
  • Laural Hill

    Buy some produce or lunch fare and sit at Victor Steinbruck Park, watch hobos and the Sound.
  • SeattleMonorail

    Great, fresh, local food. Pike Place Market is a must-see when you visit Seattle. Plenty of shopping, vendors, and fresh produce.
  • Bing

    Perk up your dinner party with these palate-pleasing recipes from Pike Place Market shops: http://binged.it/xeINju
  • Caplan Straka

    Crowded but wonderful. Watch them throw fish, eat food, buy wine, stop at the cheese shop, check out the view of the sound, do not pass go.
  • Seattle Sounders FC

    A true Seattle landmark. Sounders FC veterans and fish mongers have been known to toy with unsuspecting rookies here.
  • IntelWiMAX

    You're in a WiMAX hotspot. Check out the Pike Place website for the latest schedules and news: http://www.pikeplacemarket.org/
  • Anoud Fahad

    If you visit Seattle and you don't go here then you're missing out!!
  • Keridwyn Deller

    Three girls bakery has one of the best salmon sandwiches in town
  • Larry

    get chowder at pike place chowder - its yummy
  • David

    If you live or visit near or in Seattle, and you've never been here, you're absolutely crazy! This place has it all. I love it here.
  • Tangfish

    Don't give money to panhandlers here. They just end up smoking crack at the park nearby.
  • Seattle Weekly

    Check out the Long Life Beeswax Candles and 3D Wood Puzzles! Great gifts for the holidays!
  • Mark Steenrod

    Get a Gyro
  • Jeremy Phillips

    Nice place for fruits
  • Garth Knutson

    Buy Flowers for your sweetheart.
  • Seattle Weekly

    Winner of Seattle Weekly's Staff Pick for Best Florist in 2011! Check out the rest of our winner through the Best of Seattle app.
  • Tim O'Neil

    What's not to like?
  • Bing

    Whats more fun than flying fish?
  • TruthorDare.us

    We dare you to take a photo with Rachel, the 700 pound swine statue, follow that up with catching a fish from the crew at Pike Place Fish Market.
  • Astacia Carter

    Stop at Bottega Italiana on First Ave for gelato. The lemon and chocolate hazelnut are divine!
  • Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center

    This piece of history is a must see! First make a trip to the mini donut cart, then eat the donuts while you watch the fish throwing, then head downstairs to see the unique shops!
  • Patrick Byers

    Crepe de France will let you split a crepe if you'd rather share.
  • Richard Liu

    Quintessential tourist attraction in Seattle. Good place for flowers
  • Paige Craig

    I was born here 35 years ago! Right on pike's market, grew up looking over the bay
  • 24 Hour Fitness

    One of Seattle's most iconic venues, stop by the Pike Place Market for some of the city's best seafood, organic produce & more. Be careful not to get hit by any flying fish! http://bit.ly/vyA07f
  • Serious Eats

    This must-see market has everything from freshly fried doughnuts to sit-down restaurants with some of the best views in the city.
  • Simon Gillett

    The fish mongers have awesome shrimp and crab cocktails, save room and skip lunch.
  • Abby Armada

    Piroshky Piroshky have the best, buttery Russian pastries. I recommend a cabbage and caraway seed! Hit up MarketSpice for their signature cinnamon orange tea. The best.
  • Devon D

    Dont drive through Pike Place market!!!! Way too many pedestrians to make it a good throughfare
  • Nestor Portillo

    Night Tour ...
  • James Hook ?

    Avoid being hit with a flying fish. They love tossing fish here. Tradition, you know.
  • University of Washington Athletics

    Check out the video of all our Head Coaches taking a trip to Pike Place to catch some fish!
  • Brooke Anderson

    Fresh produce! Yum!
  • Amy Lee Walton

    Walk across the open skyway to the parking area going over Western Avenue. It's a nice photo opp of the Puget Sound.
  • Justin Vandergriff

    check out the everchanging graffiti @ the gum wall ^_^
  • Valentina Vitols

    If you want to know the Market better, go to the info booth and ask for info about Shutter Tours, the Ghost Tours and Savor Seattle and Seattle Food Tours. We love our Market!
  • Susan Moxley

    Seriously some of the best things about Seattle in a one block radius. Original Starbucks, 3 Sisters, Piroshki piroshki, gum wall, street performers, the boats, aquarium, art & on & on. Love this!
  • Sandy Whittington

    Don't go during tourist season and don't forget the other two floors underneath the main one. :)
  • Guy Weismantel

    Make sure to find the local produce stands to patronize--they have the low tables vs. the higher more formal produce stands and are usually out front of the market
  • Tushar Chaudhary

    Get a toasted crumpet at the Crumpet Shop!
  • NicolePRExec

    Go during the spring, Summer and Fall for great fish tossing!
  • Lindsay Glynn

    I never leave a place without seeing its market, and this is one of the better ones. Ever seen on TV the fish market where the staff throws the fish? It's here.
  • Corinna P

    Seattle standard. Go buy some shrimps, tulips and handmade jewelry.
  • Ian Holden

    Best Place to grab unbelievably cheap flowers in Seattle. $5-$15
  • Art Surgeon

    Checkout the spray paint artist Joseph Francis who is setup right across the street
  • Grace Pak

    Must go have a flat sandwich at Michou Fresca!
  • Gary W

    Le Panier is the most French bakery I have been to outside of Paris!...get a latte and chocolate croissant
  • Chris Trew

    I lost $3 on the second floor, if found mail it back to me please.
  • Truc Dao Bui

    The flowers are extremely pretty and cheap! Bundles start at $5!
  • Diana Smith

    Rad comic book shop two flights of stairs below the marketplace. Be sure to check it out.
  • Craig Reed

    Must go to the Pike Brewery!
  • Manny Apostol

    Oriental Mart Kitchenette: The BEST Filipino food in town. Across from the big clock and kitty corner from the brass pig. All the local cops and market vendors eat here.
  • Julia Trimarco

    hit Daily Dozen Doughnuts early, they run out; Souvenirs are cheaper on the lower levels, the original Starbucks is NOT the one on 1st & Pike
  • Connie H

    had bbq pork on a stick at mee shu bakery...it was delicious!
  • Denisse Ibaez Snchez

    Est padrsimo, no olviden ir a los gyros frente al mercado, buensimos!
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    Make sure you get a pastry and coffee at Le Panier Very French Bakery in the Market.
  • ThePurplePassport.com

    The morning is the perfect time to go: crowds are minimal and the vendors are just setting up their stalls. Watch the fisherman throwing the fresh local fish and the farmers displaying the produce.
  • Joseph Mireles

    Greatest place on earth.
  • Brace Clement

    Vendors need to learn that the value of a dollar today, is much more than a dollar in the future.
  • Jason

    Don't forget to check out the gum wall!
  • Mike Shubic

    Great place for tourists and local alike. Try and use transit, parking and driving in the area is insane. Check out my video by clicking the "Read More" link.
  • This Is Ozone

    Order the mini donuts that are made fresh in your face. Melty in your mouth goodness!
  • Michael Mina

    Tourist Trap, but it is awesome. Original Starbucks is there.
  • Brent Dill

    Go to the park right beside the market and watch homeless people smoke crack in broad daylight. That just happened.
  • Michelin Lifestyle

    Caution: Low Flying Fish! With tire-tread technology, Michelin footwear will keep you grounded on the slippery wet floor even if a giant salmon is being launched at you!
  • Jon W

    Don't miss out on the lower levels of the Market. There's more to Pike Place than T-shirt stands and flying fish.
  • Darin Byrd

    Delaurenti is a foodies dream
  • Nathan Kam

    The Chukar Cherry Chipotle BBQ sauce is incredible on pork ribs.
  • Peggy Dolane

    Have your kids count the stairs on the hill climb. Mine counted 156.
  • Julia Trimarco

    Park in the garage off Alaskan Way and take the elevator up. DO NOT try to drive down Pike Place. Buy a fish or move on, they don't fly if no one buys! Go on a weekday to avoid crowds
  • Steve Liu

    Go to "Yes Wee Wood Miniatures" stand and buy a walnut shell. Inside is a miniature fruit stand made out of mung beans, peppercorns, orzo, and tapioca pearls. All hand made by the owner. Cool beans!
  • Matt Lyman

    Best place in the city to pick up flowers. In trouble at home? 10 bucks buys you an awesome bouquet that should get you out of hot water.
  • Manuel Iglesias

    A great bowl of clam chowder!!!
  • Shannon Kane

    Check out the whitehorse tavern in post alley -> you can bring your dog!
  • N D

    try to get there before the tourists take over
  • jannie

    Traffic and parking :(
  • jordan buchert

    A must see if you're in seattle!!so many amazing hand made items..the coffee was delightful,
  • Christine Cox

    Get the Joes special from Athenian for breakfast- delicious
  • Amanda Huffman Syverstad

    Flower bouquets from $5 and up and they are beautiful!!! Love the atmosphere!
  • Austin Dienst

    Drop some change in Rachel the Piggybank after you snap a photo... Those donations go to charity.
  • Karina Krtge

    Restroom on the 4th and 5th floor. Expect long queues. The market itselves is great - the smell the mood...
  • Pradeep Nayak

    Just awesome
  • Shunitsu Murakami

    Pike Place Market - the Market is one of the most haunted places in Washington. Native American apparitions are reported to appear regularly in The Market Down Under.
  • Terrence

    get here early. otherwise it's packed
  • AL K

  • ELS Language Centers

    One of the oldest continually operated public farmers markets in the US.
  • Chase Undersander

    Omg they sell fish here... gross
  • Elizeo Benavidez

    Get here before 6pm apparently.
  • SoUnD WaVeS-official

    Make sure to make a stop at the first & original "Starbucks" , its in walking distance :)
  • Maia Ruvien Dihan

    always funnnnn
  • Greg Huber

    Thinking of driving? Don't. Park a few blocks away and actually *enjoy* your trip.
  • Justin Henderson

    Catch a fish and feed the pig!
  • Scoutmob

    In 1985, commercials advertised "the ultimate Seattle gift" for Christmas. For $35, you could get a tile in the Pike Place Market inscribed with names and messages.
  • Garth Knutson

    Buy some flowers for a loved one. Twice as nice and half the price!
  • BMW i

    One of the most extensive and recognized gourmet food markets in the world. Pike Place is famed for its painfully fresh seafood, but we love (in particular) Market Spice, established 1911.
  • Maria Boothe

    When you want fresh veggies and fruit this is the place to go and plus it's make me feel like am back home in my country..West Africa Sierra Leone.
  • Ken Saunders

    The Starbucks located in the Market is in fact not the first Starbucks, that store no longer exists although its location is further towards the end of the Market where a restaurant now stands.
  • Carl Hodson

    Kilt Lifter is awesome!
  • Patrick Walker

    Save your self time, park and then walk to the market. Driving around it is just a waste of sanity and effort.
  • Portlandia

    This market is said to be one of the most recognized and popular markets. Its a farmers market as well as a market for merchants and craftspeople.
  • Sione

    Oops, this is the wrong Pike Place Market... esp if it's listed at 6th & Pike. :-/
  • Amy Lee Walton

    You can get collards and mustard greens from Arcade No. 7!
  • Krystal

    Hard to find organic produce here. I like the fish from Pure Fish-always a great experience with their product.
  • Laura P

    Eat things On the go
  • Emma Roscoe

    Be sure to check put the artists in the north arcade. Lots of original, top quality hand crafted things to buy for yourself and gifts.
  • Michael Kennedy

    Throw a fish! Meet the dudes at PPFM (this is a must).
  • Peter R.

    wath the fish throwing and check out the gum-wall. always great flair here. great place to hang out and meet people.
  • mikeangelo

    Fresh fish all over this place :)
  • Gavin Anthony

    The fish throwing was great. Gotta go to star bucks, obviously. Best place in Seattle, almost.
  • Kai Wang

    Just $10 gets you some of the Best looking flowers in town. And check out the pasta stand, the chocolate linguini is...interesting.
  • Sheraz Malik

    Only place where you can buy Original Logo / First Starbucks Merchandise.
  • Sarah Rix

    The Market closes at 6pm. Best produce you will find in Seattle.
  • Sarah

    Hot Stops: left-handed shop, honey sticks, place pigalle, olive oil & vinegar testing, middle fish store (not at either big entrance), gotta buy some of the cheeeap flowers
  • Rachael Seda

    Great donuts, flowers, and fish market
  • lucinda michele

    The girls working at Micks Pepperpourri were incredibly rude to my aunt. I know it prolly sucks to work here, but get over yourself.
  • Mike Hernandez

    Just spotted a guy playing a saw like a violin under the public market sign.
  • Tammy Gordon

    got a latte and bagel at lowell's. went to 3rd floor & watched ferries in the rain.
  • Sarah Johnson

    watch emery carl play two guitars while simultaneously double hula-hooping and playing harmonica.
  • Jen Pollack Bianco

    Hella beautiful flowers can be bought for $10 bucks.
  • Meredith Fix

    Come with loads of curiosity & patience for naVigation & eXplOration, particularly during hi volume tourist seasons! Have #Fun! #Abenteur
  • L A-w

    There is no air conditioning! You have been warned!!!
  • Rob W

    So much to do & eat here! Home of the 1st Starbucks, Beechers Cheese, flying fish, the huge gum wall & Rachel the Pig!
  • Milton Jones

    Original Starbucks store.
  • Tommaso Custodero

    Assolutamente da non perdere
  • Trevor

    Nothing here is especially good but come for the variety and atmosphere.
  • JACK

    great list
  • Josh Kuntz

    Good place to walk slowly while lost behind imbeciles with strollers
  • Alex Fink

    Check out the market stalls, Left Bank books, and the Original Starbucks.
  • Clair Bear

    my mom and I must be the only people not impressed by this place. It was grungy and had only crap for sale (minus the seafood). it was small and we got bored quickly.
  • PikePlaceMarket Artists

    Visit the North Arcade area of the Market to find local art and handmade crafts from over 200 Seattle area artists!
  • Joseph K

  • Joseph K

  • Aena Falcetti

    Get flowers, try some fruit from a vendor and eat at the Athenian!
  • Sot567 678y

    Delicious food??
  • Michael Ray

    Way to many people
  • Bite Squad

    Just as awesome to walk through on a rainy day than it is on a sunny day. Order delivery from a few awesome Market Place restaurants on bitesquad.com use code CHECKIN for $10 OFF!
  • Morales22 .

    The flowers are awesome and fun people watching
  • Eddie Moy

    A must see destination in Seattle. Watch fish get tossed at the World Famous Pike's Place Fish Market, see the original Starbucks (actually in its 2nd location), & go down some stairs to the Gum Wall.
  • Reyyan Demir

    Pike place market is a place where you can find fresh fruits,mushrooms and many type of fish and sea food.I loved the place and nice people there.
  • Jackie Sanford

    Just a fun place for seafood
  • Kathleen Wise

    Can spend the Whole day here & Still not see it All! And, Surprise....Washington's state insect?!? Dragonfly!! Perfect ;-)
  • Luis Naval

    Obligated spot for visitors to Seattle. Great views of the puget sound, and the colors, smells and taste of the pacific northwest.
  • Jonathan Yamane

    Great place with many eating choices. Check out the starbucks for an exclusive blend only sold here
  • Sulistiani Mj

    Del Laurenti & Pappardelle is a must visit for foodies!!
  • Arielle Land

    Massive octopus, crab, squid... they let you pick them up! Just ask :)
  • Brett Greene

    Grab fresh fish, pasta, veggies and wine to being home for an awesome romantic dinner!
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  • Fernanda Pires

    Fernanda @ Lexus of Bellevue"Don't count the days, make the days count."-Muhammad Ali(US Boxing Champion 1942-)
  • Cory Levinson

    Lots of Homeless people and no wifi. The fuck kind of place is this?
  • Deborah Turner

    Most beautiful flowers, fruits & veggies + a variety of people!
  • Cathy Tyree

    give yourself enough time to browse Pike Place Market!
  • Chris L

    Just walk around pike place market, it has a million hole in the wall places to eat... all great
  • Gleb Chuvpilo

    Fresh flowers are awesome!
  • Kaede Balazs

    A Seattle institution! The market is always bustling and full of great fresh seafood and produce, as well as artisan goods. Get your fresh flowers here- beautiful bouquets for as little as $5!
  • Ilya Fomin

    Get a hand-made real leather journal from this awesome seattlee and stop spending time with your phone all the time!
  • J Anttila

    The fresh donuts are always a welcome treat for colleagues in the office.
  • vipul saxena

    Watch out for the flying fish!
  • Matt Healy

    Prices at the flower stands here are shockingly reasonable. Grab a nice bouquet for $5
  • Apolonio Luis

    If you park in the garages, cover your bags. Our car window was smashed and a backpack in the backseat was stolen!
  • Meredith Fix

    Awesome good view!
  • Eduardo Barbosa

    Very nice with a lot of seafood.
  • Eric Hadley

    Don't have a heart attack here. No public access AED on site.
  • Florian Herzog

    overflown....but good coffee....
  • Connie Lu

    I highly recommend doing a food tour to hit up all the amazing (and delicious!) market vendors. There's a lot of history as well!
  • Nabil Bazzari

    Must do. Check out this market. See the first ever Starbucks Coffee Shop. See the famous fish shop where they throw the fish.
  • A.G. AttorneyGeneral

    Check out the first Starbucks shop built in Pike Place, look for hippies and follow the scent of Dark Roast.
  • Juan Rovalo

    Olympia oysters!
  • Anthony Vicari

    Hey tourists - the Starbucks in the market is NOT the original location. Walk about 200 yards north to the corner of Virginia/Western. The original Starbucks was where the Seatown Rotisserie is.
  • Carolina Pereira

    Where the fish philosophy was born :)
  • Nicole Mandery

    Enjoy watching them throw the fish!
  • Christina Hines

    The flowers are too pretty to pass up!!!!
  • Paul Cullin

    The main level of the Market has many must-see tourist attractions, but if you're looking for a more unique experience, head down to Western Avenue for some amazing local handmade art, gifts and food!
  • Arnold Valentino

    Buy some Smoked Salmon Piroshky from Piroshky Piroshky then check out the stores in the lower levels.
  • Johan Lieu

    Uh, kind of ignore the park toward the pine side of the market. Lots of homeless and we saw a pit bull attack a lady there. Blood, cops, drama, etc. Avoid.
  • Mike D

    Bring some good walking shoes and a stool there is no place to sit!
  • veronique @ zaptravel.com .

    Pike Place Market is on the waterfront and offers a plethora of stores, vendors, restaurants, including the very first Starbuck's.
  • Courtney Meyer

    Go to the place where they make the cheese... The flagship cheese is legit! Also, the guy that sells all the nuts... Buy the orange flavored ones! They are amazing!
  • Karen Rice

    Come early in the day. Sabra Mediterranean Restauran is da bomb.
  • Joe Do

    Have a cup of coffee at Pike Place if you have a chance to visit Seattle. It's just awesome
  • Moni Krohn

    Fresh made hummus ... and I don't like hummus. The Sound View Cafe had it as an appetizer and it was so good. The staff were great and the view is amazing.
  • Myung One

    Be there in the summer!
  • Darcy Cheerios

    You NEED to check out the Pike Place Market. The original Starbucks, and watch the workers throw fish around at the famous fish market.
  • Henok Kidane

    If I lived in Seattle, I would be here almost every day. It's THAT awesome.
  • Ratio

    Qwerty bhu Cody joedo@ratiointeractive.com
  • Brad Fults

    Fresh fruits & vegetables on weekend mornings.