Space Needle

Address: 400 Broad St
Phone: (206) 905-2100
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    Built for the 1962 World Expo, Space Needle distinctive structure, rising 600-plus feet above Seattle Center , has since become Seattle's most famous landmark.
  • Charles Edge

    Everyone should go to the top of the Space Needle at least once in their life! Take a jacket and enjoy the views. Turn off your flash though!
  • Dora

    Bring sweaters it gets really windy on the Observation Deck. Powered by
  • 4sqSeattle

    Make this 1 of your 5 places to check in to get the Seattleite badge! See the list for the other venues.
  • Seattle Sounders FC

    Messi visited here prior to taking on the Sounders FC at CenturyLink Field in front of 66,848.
  • Smithsonian Channel

    Once the tallest building west of the Mississippi, this tower isnt a marvel of height alone. Its elevators travel at 14 feet per second, the same speed that rain falls to earth. (From Aerial America)
  • Gordon Werner

    expensive, but worth the view
  • Danny Ngan

    Went to the top of the Space Needle on a sunny day and took tons of photos.
  • Travis Roe

    On a clear day the view is amazing of all of Seattle and the surrounding mountains and Pugent Sound
  • SeattleMonorail

    Icon of Seattle - great view of the city from the Observation Deck. The gift shop has a nice selection of Space Needle/Seattle themed merchandise.
  • IntelWiMAX

    Did you know: In 2006, a WiMAX antenna was installed on the Space Needle, sending wireless broadband signals across a 5 square-mile area of Seattle.
  • Nicky Lambert

    Checked out the views.
  • Ryan Rea

    Make sure you get your free photo emailed to you once you get to the top!
  • seattlepi

    The Space Needle was originally painted "Galaxy Gold," a rusty orange color. Since it was built in 1962 it's gone through several funky changes.
  • Ran Tao

    go to the top. don't be a tourist.
  • Sandy Whittington

    Beautiful at night.
  • Charlene Kingston

    Sure, it's a touristy thing to do. But the view was amazing and I'm glad I did it.
  • Mike SanSoucie

    View the city
  • matt westervelt

    If it's really windy, run around the observation deck. lean forward with hands in jacket pockets to float. Do not look in the windows.
  • Lauren R

    If you're used to big cities and skyscrapers this is a bit of a let down. Looking at it is cooler than the view from it...
  • Sameer Halai

    Go to the space needle restaurant (best time is just before twilight). Eat anything for dinner - nothing is specifically good - but don't forget to order dessert.
  • Kelly Robertson

    The views are amazing! be weary if you're afraid of heights!
  • DoubleTree Seattle Airport

    The Space Needle is a must see attraction of Seattle! Take the Link Light Rail next to the DoubleTree Seattle Airport and it will take you directly downtown Seattle! Don't forget your camera!
  • Levon

    Entrance fee is 19$, but you can go to restaurant which is required 25$ minimum bill and observation desk entrance is included!!!
  • Togan Gencoglu

    Don't wait in the line, use self check-in kiosk!!
  • Alana Lugosi

    It may not be the tallest building, BUT it's pretty rad. It's got a great elevator you can look out of while you zoom up and hear facts about it. It's also got a rotating restaurant!
  • Siavash Dehghani

    Leave your purses at home hoes!
  • Heidi Otway

    Go to the top and enjoy the view...
  • joanne van niekerk

    beautiful views of the city - definitely not to be missed
  • Tyler Printz

    Great View
  • Sander van Lingen

    Have dinner at the space needle!!
  • Jen Craig

    Make reservations in advance for dinner. If you eat in the restaurant you get free admission (saves $16/person)...dinner runs $40-$60/person for a main dish.
  • Meghan Emery

    If it's a sunny day, try and get up to the observation deck just before sunset. Amazing pictures.
  • Kevin White

    Check out the Columbia Center for a better view of Seattle for a quarter of the price.
  • Alyssa Russell

    Fun employees and it was a beautiful day to see Seattle from the top!
  • Bianca

    Go up at night...
  • B Wade

    Instead of paying the pricy fee to go to top, enjoy it from below. Great picture op when sitting at the mural near the center house. More impressive than actual view from top.
  • Christa Lindsey

    Go up to the top right before sunset on a clear day. that way you'll see the best sunset ever and get to see the city at night.
  • pinguino kolb

    blow bubbles from the top of the space needle
  • Andrea Buchanan

    Bring a coat and go to the restaurant. The ticket up is normally $ why not eat at the restaurant with a $25 minimum and a free ride up. Essentially, $6 lunch for a great lunch.
  • DoubleTree by Hilton

    Make sure you visit the Collections Caf in the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the base of the Space Needle.

    No visit would be complete without a trip to the top! For $16, you are transported to outdoor/indoor observation decks via a windowed elevator to see Seattle from above it all.
  • Justin Bonzai

    This is just the most over glorified fancy gift shop to ever exist (landmark) psshaw!
  • Monika Salita

    Views at sunset are spectacular, but come early or late if you want to avoid lines. Get a souvenir photo taken before you board the elevator, they're fun to look at upon returning to the ground floor.
  • Garth Knutson

    Ride to the top, and if you're feeling like a luxury, have dinner while you're there.
  • Sanjay Gupta

    It is a magnificent view, but I recommend bringing a sweater because it can get pretty windy up on top. In addition, if you want a snack, I recommend the clam chowder, which is homemade daily.
  • Nikki Cawley

    Take 360 video as you walk around the observation deck to make your friends from back home jealous!
  • Abhijeet Gaiha

    Awesome view from the top, day and night.
  • fausto munoz

    Try the duck ride while in the area.
  • Kaede Balazs

    Besides being an observation spot with great views of the city, the space needle is just pretty to look at! It's an easy landmark to spot. Also check out EMP and Science Center right next to it!
  • Vanessa Ramos

    Beautiful views of Seattle. Go on a sunny day :)
  • Jennifer McCullough

    Worth a ride to the top
  • Cristo Leon

    Historian Badge
  • Transitions lenses

    Vote for the Space Needle as one of Seattles top landmarks & enter to win a trip to the Galapagos Islands! #seemoresights

    Visit the space needle. Get high in the sky
  • ? Humorous

    ? Great views at sunset if it's a clear day in Seattle!
  • Simon Pickles

    The view from here is amazing. On a clear day you can see all the way to Liverpool
  • Amit Gupta

    Google 'sunset in Seattle' and go up 30 minutes before.
  • Thomas Nolan

    Get a beer & lounge out. Great views @ night. #smooth-chillin'...
  • Brian Crosta

    dont look down!!
  • Lindsay Glynn

    If you are into the touristy stuff, you may as well visit the space needle. Not my cup of tea, however.
  • Steve Schlafman

    don't waste your cash if it's not a clear day
  • Jen Craig

    If the tomahawk steak is on the menu, ask your server to reserve one ASAP. Then look at the menu. They go fast. Best steak ever! Big enough to share.
  • Laura

    ABSOLUTLY spectacular!! You can walk around the outside deck, come in, have a coffee, listen to some vintage tunes. Very clean and friendly...oh yea, they serve beer
  • Rob W

    One of the best spots in the city to pop the question!
  • Warin Krit

    $19 for adult for seeing the lovely 360 degree view of Seattle
  • veronique @ .

    From a distance, it looks like a flying saucer on a tripod, and when it was built for the 1962 World's Fair, the 605-foot-tall Space Needle was meant to suggest future architectural trends.
  • Brandon Lindstrom

    Pretty tall, but I didn't quite make it to space...
  • Laura Francescutti

    Pee first. If you have to pee at the top, use the YELLOW RESTROOM. And be nice to your Elevator Operators.
  • Michael Hudec

    Lines are long on weekends and cashiers lie about wait times!
  • Suga Jam

    Very easy to get to the top. But expect a long confusing line to get down.
  • LC

    Be sure to say hi to elevator operator Aisha, the single RUDEST employee we've EVER met at a tourist attraction. Nice job!
  • Victoria A

    Go up 30 minutes before sundown to see the city from above in both daylight and the city lights at night by hanging out while the sun goes down!
  • Terrence

    ask the elevator operator to take you to the space stop
  • Ann Jun

    Wear your contacts so that you can see thought the telescopes properly.
  • Jordi Martin

    Space Needle
  • Lu Cao

    Cool night view
  • Transitions lenses

    Seattles Space Needle is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world. Take a ride up and see the entire city, and more, from the top of this iconic tower! #seemoresights
  • Diana K

    Great place to go at sunset. Best way to see Seattle. You can also grab the monorail to/from downtown shopping area if you don't want to walk.
  • DJ Latin Prince ? ?

    If you come to Seattle and don't come here you are missing out!

    The Space Needle Skybeam shines skyward from the top of the tower on special occasions. It's powered by lamps that total 85 million candela that can be seen up to 30 miles away!
  • Keith W

    it takes 47 minutes to do one complete rotation
  • Eric Oldrin

    Fourth of July Fireworks from the Space Needle are Glorious!
  • Ian Munar

    The egg-white omelette with prawns and avocado was delicious!!
  • Danny Kabouni

    just don't look down
  • Joe Smith

    Had dinner at top of Space Needle & got sick spinning around
  • Johnathan Freeman

    Buy your ticket online and skip the line. Bought tickets in 1 minute online when the line to wait for tickets was about 45 minutes
  • David Ban

    Skip the tour and enjoy the nice surrounding parks.
  • Sonny Datoy

    if you're buying the combo tix, skip the long lines and go around the corner to the chihuly entrance- where a super lonely kiosk awaits
  • Waffles

    Download the Space Needle app on their free WiFi. Check out the large space spots on the floor.
  • Steve Kearney

    But seriously. This is the worst place on Earth. I would rather be in Afghanistan.
  • Steve Kearney

    This space needle is a space nightmare!!
  • Marc Montenegro

    Cool place to look at, but not worth the price
  • Angela Zimmer

    Telescopes are free on the inside of the space needle. I could see people on the sail boats.very cool.
  • Angela Zimmer

    Tickets are discounted if you tell them that you were at the Chiuily garden think that day. Or vice-versa.
  • Yoel Roth

    Try to be one of the last on the elevator that way you can see out the windows on the way up!
  • Joseph K
  • Joseph K
  • Maximilian Hu

    Go when sunny and not windy
  • Dean Nelson

    SkyCity Restaurant is the best place to view the entire city and includes your observation deck access.
  • Morgan W.

    $20 bucks....
  • Rachel Eubanks

    It's a nice panoramic view, but Kerry Park around sunset is better.

    Go seahawks
  • Graham Castellano

    Take your time and look into the binoculars provided all around.
  • Gaby Santos

    Amazing area! I fell in love with the 360 restaurant ! I definitely wanna come back!
  • Sue Landgrave

    En la noche est increble!!!
  • Andy Bremer

    Check out the view
  • Sam S

    Get here just before the sun goes down and then you get best of both views. HOLLA!
  • Mikel Manitius

    Guess what? You're going to end up in the gift shop. :-(
  • Mary Claire Couch

    Go eat in the Sky City restaurant! The floor rotates while you dine, providing breathtaking views of the city and of the Puget Sound
  • Connie Lu

    Come here for the history, not the view.
  • Nabil Bazzari

    Amazing views of Seattle from the top
  • Mia Dominguez

    Go with someone you enjoy spending time with otherwise it's a drag!
  • Edmund Kuklinski

    400 Broad street- definitely a "can't miss"!
  • Mike D

    Astronauts come here to practice
  • Sahithya Baskaran

    The 360 views are great but the cruise offers better photo ops and an unobtrusive view of the city skyline compared to the needle.
  • Darcy Cheerios

    A very unique building that was built for the World Expo. Great sights from the top and one of Seattle's landmarks
  • Victoria Harman

    At peak times, pay the extra $12 for a VIP ticket in the group tickets line. It's the only way to avoid the DisneyWorld style lines. Park in Pacific Place and pick up the Monorail at Westlake Center.
  • Emilio C

    It's not the best view in Seattle, but if you're only here for a little bit of time its worth doing.
  • L Giner

    Compren elotes abajo del edificio! Yum yum!
  • Rockwell Hunter

    It's not amazing, but it's interesting. Everyone should do it on their trip to Seattle. Be sure to buy the combo ticket with the Chihuly Garden and Glass.
  • Karla Garza-Garcia

    Si vas en grupo aprovecha el precio especial. Si eres de los que gustan de comprar recuerdos a tus amigos hay un rea especial con rebajas y alcanzas para todos. :)
  • Kyle Gustafson

    The general ticketing line and the self ticketing line move at roughly the same pace.
  • Dan Cowgill

    Space needle line is terrible. There is absolutely no order at all. If you get a timed ticket just get in line, any line. No one cares who has waited and for how long.
  • Roaa

    Go early in the morning its quite and relaxing , send ur photo by email to urself and friends. .
  • Hubert

    Pee before you go up, the toilet line is 30 min
  • Diana P

    Make sure you visit the Collections Caf in the Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum at the base of the Space Needle.
  • Aj Lovestolose

    Better on clear days but go when it is raining- no lines!!
  • Nichole Baumgardner

    Worth the money to go up to the observation deck! Beautiful views!
  • Mike Pearson

    The glass exhibit next door is more impressive.
  • Caroline Kimani

    Can't come to Seattle and not visit the needle. I went just before sunset and up to the sky deck and all i can say is the view was absolutely breathtaking to say the least couldn't have asked for more
  • Stan Johnston

    On top of Seattle!
  • Katrina Hill

    Bring a sweater with you. But the views are gorgeous!
  • Lindsay Crane

    If you're dining, try the Lunar dessert! It's got dry ice and quite the presentation!
  • Matthew Jones

    Have dinner in the restaurant and you go up for free. Those savings go a long way toward paying for your meal.
  • Jennifer

    Love being home. That is why we call it the Space Needle of Joy. Makes ya smile all the time.
  • Dan Richards

    Afterwards stop by Kerry Park to take in best view of the Space Needle and Seattle.
  • Zodiac Carpio

    Aparte de tener una arquitectura increble, la vista de Seattle es espectacular... Sitio obligado para visitar... Altamente recomendable
  • Andrew Mayeshiba

    They'll take your picture before you go up and there are kiosks above where you can select a background and email yourself a copy of he picture for free. Fun!
  • Kimberly Wong

    Don't miss out on Space Needle Noodles! Haha
  • Bigfoot Memoirs

    Nice views for a wedding!
  • Corey

    Skip the restaurant. Better views at Columbia tower or the smith tower for much less$$
  • Janette Toral

    Great view!
  • Mark

    It'll probably be cold outside.
  • Bryan Weber

    Never been a fudge fan.
  • Brian Pepin

    Visit Santa at the Space Needle. He's dressed right out of The Jetsons and his sleigh is a spaceship.
  • Edward Homick

    You can go to the top for free! Make a reservation for the restaurant at the top, which allows you access to observation deck for free. Then just go up & leave without ever going to the restaurant!
  • Zhanna D

    Go after 5 just when the sun is about to set so you get both the day view and the night view in one trip! Awesome!
  • Mohd Rohaizad Kuala Perlis

    Space Needle - Seattle Center, most famous landmark when you come here.
  • Laura Francescutti

  • Tim

    Website says open at 9am but it opens at 10 and not friendly ticket sellers.
  • Miriam S.

    Save $$ by buying a Chihuly Glass and Needle tickets together!
  • David Klein

    Not as tall as I thought it would be.
  • Jetset Extra

    Celebrating its 50th birthday this year, the Space Needle was built as a monument to science and technology. At the observation deck, visitors can dine at the beautifully retro Sky City restaurant.
  • Michael B.

    This is a nice place 2 go 2 in Seatle, it is cool.
  • Ward Steensels

    Get the 4sq Seattleite badge!
  • K H

    View is breathtaking!
  • Greg Banks

    #6 on the Transitions Optical top ten sights to see in Seattle on
  • Carla

    <3 Our 1st Time To The Space Needle For Our 3rd Anniversary <3 Go To The Top On The Observation Deck & Watch A GORGEOUS Sunset Over Seattle <3
  • Gary Teeter

    At the top.
  • Stephanie Scott

    Had so much fun with my kids! Beautiful 360 views of Seattle!
  • Nathan Sauser

    Get some ice cream at the top!
  • grace komjakraphan

    Pop Pinguino's bubbles from the top of the space needle.
  • Lustina Girl

    Wear a warmer coat & gloves!!!!! Its COLD BE..tch!!!
  • Sean Dicken

    It takes a little under three hours to walk to the Space Needle from the Northgate Mall at a leisurely pace. Definitely worth it tho, this thing is tall!
  • Tim Black

    50 years young this year... Yeah, baby!
  • jb sanchez

    while youre here, visit the Experience Music Project museum right beside the needle!
  • jb sanchez

    take a panoramic photo at the top!
  • Kevin M

    Go up at night
  • Squirrel

    Try the Potato cruste sturgeon
  • ? Deon Parcon

    Nice view!
  • Matt Humphrey

    Enjoy the view from 520 feet with someone special.
  • David Flynn

    DME: Elliot Bay Wharf Rat
  • PnPPhat S.

    The Space Needle is 605' tall and was built for the 1962 World's Fair.
  • lenna magda umboh

    Jet qapa sond ada di bbm 32FB6354
  • Neal Jennings

    If you're a AAA member show your card and get a Day & Night pass for only $22 - that's $4 more for a second trip up!
  • Erin Howarth

    Get the Seattle City Pass. It includes two tickets to the top of the Space Needle: one for the daytime and one for the night time.
  • Marie J Chick

    Bringing in the New Year
  • Tony Gilbert

    Got a little weak in the knees on the elevator, but was "okay" at the top. If you go on a day with good weather, be prepared to wait in line for quite a while.
  • Kate Neschke

    The salmon is OUT of this world! The staff amazing at truly making a night special!
  • Chris Wren

    Despite some bad reputations, I've dined there many times to much delight. The salmon and crab cakes are out of this world.
  • Nikki McDonell

    Do not forget the Fremont Troll, Gasworks Park or Underground Tour while in the area.
  • John Moody

    Get the Ahi...
  • Julie Chang

    Enjoy the night view there
  • Michael Mina

    Not worth the $18 to go up to see a view of the city and Mt. Rainier.
  • Marilyn Fung

    A day/night pass is included in the Seattle CityPass so you can see the view over Seattle by day and also look at the pretty lights at night. Sunset is a popular time to visit.
  • Bakari Fofana

    Make Sure to go to the top off the needle
  • Jennifer Dodd

    It is nice to go to the top of the Needle, late in the day to watch the sun set and stay up there as it gets dark and watch the night lights of Seattle light up the skyline. Spectacular!
  • Brad V

    Had the burger at the restaurant for lunch ... it was amazing!!
  • Theresa Dreike

    Ah-mazing view of Seattle. Well worth the admission.
  • @ImSoDubai

    Take a picture, you can customize it and email it to yourself.
  • Gil Awesome

    Try the wine
  • Pablin M. Diaz

    Un lugar que debes visitar!
  • Keith Courtney

    There is a great picture spot across the amphitheater near the entrance to the Pacific Science Center.
  • Nina S.

    Don't wait in line! Buy your tickets online with your phone and go to will call to pick them up.
  • Joshua H-L

    Beat the ticket line by using the self serve kiosk.
  • Chris Alston

    Stand a block away and take a picture holding your finger out like you are holding it up!
  • Julia Gaynor

    Pay the extra $14 for the VIP pass to bypass the 50 minute line. 100% worth it.
  • Mike Perez

    $18 worth it
  • Darrell W.

    Decent line. Make sure you're prepared to stand