CenturyLink Field

Address: 800 Occidental Ave S
Phone: (206) 381-7500
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  • Sports Authority

    This stadium is notorious for being one of the loudest stadiums around, even the football games can sound like rock concerts.
  • ESPN

    Youre allowed to bring in food and bottled water into the stadium. So saddle up with some burgers, dogs, & brats from your tailgate, and prepare for battle.
  • The Seattle Times

    Check out of Seahawks playoff coverage! We're chatting live throughout the game.
  • Seattle Sounders FC

    You've seen XBOX 360 on the jerseys, but did you know that it was here on May 28, 2008 that the Sounders FC kit was unveiled for the first time?
  • Seattle Sounders FC

  • Seattle Seahawks

    Originally Seahawks Stadium, this place was opened back in 2002 as a new world-class football/ soccer stadium and exhibition center. Thanks to the efforts from our owner, Paul G. Allen.
  • Seattle Sounders FC

    Home to the best supporters in North America, 2010 & 2011 US Open Cup Championships and countless sold out matches.
  • Ryan Stewart

    Participate in a Sounders chant.
  • Matt Winberry

    Go Sounders!!
  • 4sqSeattle

    Make this 1 of your 5 places to check in to get the Seattleite badge! See the list for the other venues.
  • Bing

    Finding your seats can be tough. Finding out the latest sports news is simple. Get the latest here: http://binged.it/xLvb7q
  • Brenden Portolese

    Sounders till I die!
  • Mary Keller

  • 4sqSeattle

    Follow the Seahawks & check in during a game to get your Seahawks badge! SEA HAWKS!!!!
  • shosho

    ?? it really is free ?
  • ErdaL BuBa

    Go Sounders! Goooo
  • Seattle Sounders FC

    Visit Soccer Celebration prior to most Sounders FC matches in the North Plaza for soccer themed games and activities of all ages.
  • bapestar

    Seahawks Game
  • 4sqSeattle

    Go Sounders! We gave our full 90- you gave us great support for 4sq Day!!
  • Jake H

  • Rob Phelps

    Join ECS! Go to http://www.weareecs.com and sign up! Or meet us at Fuel before the march!
  • Sports Authority

    Sport Your Pink and support the fight against breast cancer when you pick up your favorite pink team merchandise and apparel at Sports Authority during the month of October. Learn more here:
  • IntelWiMAX

    Qwest Field is a WiMAX hotspot, so be sure to check the latest scores, make last-minute fantasy football moves & talk smack to your opponents. Go Seahawks!
  • Julie

    Top notch football stadium! Not a bad seat in the house!
  • Hero

    (Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC): http://kisalink.tk/svr + (New England VS Seattle Seahawks): http://kisalink.tk/ta3
  • William Lewis

    Seahawks and Sounders! Need I say more?
  • Gorilla FC

    Become a Gorilla FC member and party at a Sounders match or at Fado before. Or go to http://www.gorillafc.com to join!
  • Travis Wals

  • 4sqSeattle

    Follow the Sounders FC and check in here during a game to get your Sounders FC badge!
  • Jeff Hackmeister

    Wear green drink beer and sing! Go Sounders!
  • Rob Phelps

    Go to a Sounders match, sit in the GA section, drink High Life.
  • Chase Taylor

    It's "The Clink"!
  • National Football Post.com

    Qwest is the home of the loudest NFL crowd ever and some of the best gameday food out there. Grab a Spacific Salmon BLT at the Catch! stand (sec 214, 230) or give some Caff Apassionato coffee a try.
  • 4sqSeattle

    Follow Major League Soccer and check in here to get your MLS badge!
  • Paul Cox

    Drink your beer before you get here; while there are some decent microbrews for sale in the stadium, they are ridiculously high priced.
  • Bingo Lara

    Sounders FTW!
  • Randy Torres

    My Home away from Home.
  • Somchai Rojana

  • Washington State Cougars

    The home of "The Seattle Game"
  • Seleccin Mexicana

    La #PasinQueNosUne jugar ante Canad el prximo 11 de Julio en el segundo partido de la fase de grupos de la Copa Oro. Boletos:
  • Jeff Noethen

    Go Sounders!
  • Steven Haye

    This place reeks of fish scum
  • LI Sheridan

    Forever and always RBP
  • National Football Post.com

    Formerly Qwest Field, this is the home of some of the best gameday food out there. Grab a Spacific Salmon BLT at the Catch! stand (sec 214, 230) or give some Caff Apassionato coffee a try.
  • Steve Werden

    dont sell your hawks tickets to out of town fans!
  • Tom Wisniewski

    Come to Seahawks games and yell till you're hoarse... Then yell some more!
  • David Mikel ????

    great place alil wet bring a rain jacket
  • Phil Bernardi

    this place is REAL LOUD! try to sit in the Hawk's Nest at a Seahawks game.
  • ELS Language Centers

    Home stadium of the Seattle Seahawks and Seattle Sounders
  • K12 Inc

    Did you know? "Sea hawk" is a nickname for a large, fish-eating bird called an osprey. Ospreys are the most widespread raptor in the world and can be found on every continent, except Antarctica.
  • Shauna Story

    Get a Top Pot donut and a hot chocolate or coffee. Don't forget to snatch a coupon!
  • ??ICTOR MARK??

    Word App!!
  • Sheila Co

    Garlic Fries and Beer. Very Necessary.
  • Javier R

    On Jan 19th 2014, Seattle Seahawks of Russell Wilson defeated San Francisco 49ers of Colin Kaepernick 23 -17, winning the NFC Championship 2014 and moving to SuperBowl XLVIII (Metlife Stadium in NJ)
  • Jamilson Rodrigues

    Nossa que lindo
  • a???

    Panama vs.U.S. Men - 06:30 p.m June 11, 2013 @ CenturyLink Field; Seattle, WA
  • mrlarrygreen

    Be loud and be proud! We have a great reputation to upkeep!
  • Jenny Bacon

  • J. Burgess

    Suite views are sweet.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Portland Timbers vs Seattle Sounders FC #7.00 PM.
  • Seleccin Mexicana

    La Pasin que nos une se enfrentar a Canad el 11 de julio a las 22:00 hrs (Mxico) en la segunda fecha de la fase de grupos en la Copa Oro 2013.
  • Jaspyr Sheridan

    Its Royal Brougham Park to the faithful
  • Graham Egger

    Foot long dogs are tough to eat I would like 2 x 6 inch
  • Paul B

    Tip the vendors.
  • Daryn Nakhuda

    Jetpack Joe! Jetpack Joooooooe! *whoosh*
  • Eric Larkin

    Go to super cross!! and hang in the pitts.
  • Amber Mace

    Treat yourself to the Qwest Field tour. It rocks!
  • Justin Ackerman

    tap 2 times under the last stall
  • JACK

  • Wilfredo Hon

    The loudest stadium in the world! #12thMan #LOUDER #CLink #GoHawks
  • Jon White

    Switch back to 3G during a game to get data service
  • Stephen Ejide

    Salmon BLT... Delicious!
  • Scott Haynes

    Awesome place! Noise is crazy loud. BEAST MODE!!!
  • Rafaela Holanda

    Venha me conhecer em So Paulo
  • Matt McCormick

    Order the garlic fries, but make sure to eat the apples when you're done to clean up your breath!
  • Ssj5KaLeL

    Yell as loud as you can when the jet flys over!!!
  • Adrienne Dickinson

    Club seats are worth it for Seahawks. Heated indoor area with much better beer and full bar alcohol.
  • Valor Poland

    Mac & Jack's and Alaskan Amber (aka real beer) between sections 116 & 117!
  • Matthew Bell

    not to self.... never take free sounder tickets again. soccer is boring.
  • Aolani Smythe

    Solid frucking Gold and Red Fruck yeah!! San Francisco 49ers fucking forever!!!
  • Sean Green

    Gooo Seahawks!! woohoo lets win to get the superbowl #seahawks #playoffs
  • Josh Fleming

    If you see someone wearing the same jersey, a "hi-five" must commence.
  • Beth Hughes

    I need to figure out who this Wesley guy is that I keep sharing the mayorship with :)
  • PScott Cummins

    Picnic tables & a huge lawn @ NE corner of CLINK - almost no one ever here!
  • Dan S

    Likely sold out so buy singles or doubles if you have too. Don't wait too late if you buy scalped tickets.
  • Adam C Smith

    It's Xbox Pitch today.
  • Hero

    (Toronto FC vs. Seattle Sounders FC): http://kisalink.tk/svr + (New England VS Seattle Seahawks): http://kisalink.tk/svg
  • Which Bus

    Skip the parking and take public transit. Transit trip planning and real time information available at http://bit.ly/RhKvQe.
  • Cristo Leon

    Seattle Sounders FC Badge
  • Lisa Ngo

    Watch a Sounders game... and bring your hot dog in from outside.
  • Brooks Mason

    Don't expect the Seahawks to win...
  • Julia W.

    Can bring in bottled water just leave sealed. Save yourself $4!
  • Andrea Blukis

    We will miss you, KASEY KELLER!
  • Chad Swoboda

    Go sounders
  • Kristie Macris

    Go the Full 90 AND stay for stoppage time. You never know what might happen.
  • Mona Chicks

    The place to watch my favorite sports team! GO SOUNDERS FC!
  • Abibas

    ABIBAS 110% FACT: This is home of Seattle Sounders. This has one of biggest ultra following in US leagues with 7 groups under the banner of Emerald City Supporters (ECS) who go on march to each game.
  • Chris Sherrill

    Seahawks!!!! Vamonos!
  • Bill Zeng

    Stella Artois in front of the team store is the most worth it for 8.50 a beer
  • Shilo Nokes

    If ur able to watch a game from a Red Zone Box, make sure to park in the north lot!!
  • Jonathan Held

    Got kids? Be sure to stop by touchdown city at the Qwest Field Event Center before the game!
  • John Bennett

    Don't smoke inside the gates. They are ejecting people!
  • William Baldon

    Freckin awesome! This place will make you love soccer. Football not so much cause they suck, but it's amazing place.
  • Brook Riggio

    Take a walk at Qwest Field on aprs-season Sunday morning. Follow the sounds of drums to get a personal performance from Blue Thunder at their practice.

    tickets!! NFL!!

    Comprando Tickets para a temporada 2014-2015 da #NFL
  • Adam C Smith

    In this pic you can see sunset, dark and then light where there's still light. Amazing sight.
  • Marcia

    Food id bad. Had a red top dog it was dried out and stale. Better ti ear outside the stadium
  • 88 Keys

    88 Keys is Seattles premier Dueling Piano and Sports Bar. Historic Pioneer Square district, This is the perfect place to come before or after a game. We are the party stop for it all.
  • Adams Hardy

    Very loud... a great football venue.. i love the views from the north end upper level of the city...
  • john stockamp

    Scarves Up!
  • Pama Maga

    visit: *noleggio auto Alghero aeroporto* http://www.aiguarentacar.it
  • bayu setiawan

    satu lagi bisa di klik di
  • bayu setiawan

    titip lapak
  • Ib Viveros

    Cool place to watch a game, not as loud as they claim. Great experience.
  • Graham Castellano

    Bring earplugs!!
  • Kris Erickson

    What an incredible place.. Take earplugs, you will need them. Seats on upper level North side have nice views
  • Gabe_Cera 7

    Go 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers 49ers!
  • Lloyd Laranang

    GO HAWKS!!!
  • Experience

    Buy Seat and Experiential Upgrades right from your phone at your next Seahawks game! https://seahawks.expapp.com
  • Sarah Lambino

    Use the secret elevator behind section 343 near the stairs.
  • Kaede Balazs

    Stadium to the Seattle Seahawks(football) and Seattle Sounders(soccer), Century Link is always a fun time! So put on your blue and green and cheer for our boys! I love going to Sounders matches...
  • Michael Perozzo

    Whether filleting the Flounders or watching the most overrated team in the NFL, you're bound to have a raving bad time.
  • Mike Whitmarsh

    Come here when the Timbers play, and cheer with the Timbers Army!
  • Isabel Camacho

    I swear the best stadium ever! The crow is really crazy about their teams!!! U can have a great time in here!!!
  • Ramir Salcedo

    Section 124,D,11! Great seats!!!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match : Tennessee Titans vs Seattle Seahawks #1.05 PM.
  • Misha Linn

    Bring a rain jacket!
  • sol galdino

    que luga mais lindo
  • Jon Darveau

    Cheer on the Seahawks!
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Real Salt Lake vs Seattle Sounders FC.
  • Somchai Rojana

    The Match: Chicago Fire vs Seattle Sounders FC
  • Reagan McMann

    Wifi: username, seahwks. Password, 12thMan, for Stadium
  • Stadium Journey

    The Seahawks experience earned a 4.3 out of 5 in our review
  • AD Nys

    Section 140: longest bathroom line in MLS history. #rctid
  • AD Nys

    Section 140: longest bathroom line in MLS history.
  • Darcy Cheerios

    The most intense fans in all of Football. It truly is home of the 12th man
  • Alex Pittman

    Suite-level tickets are awesome!! Thank you Boys and Girls Club of Bellevue and Coca-Cola! :-)
  • Bret Herrick

    Cheer on the Seahawks and the Sounders!
  • Eric Butler

  • Outdoor Research Retail Store

    Go Seahawks! Tons of great hot dog trucks in the alley behind the stadium- also El Camion food truck!!
  • Harry Plante

    Take the Light Rail... So much easier than driving
  • Andrew C

    Home of the Sounders. Ewww...
  • Jeana Abell

    Always opt for the Seahawks side of the field if you want some shade.
  • Henry

    June 12th, USA vs Panama. World Cup
  • Linsay Lint

  • Piyush Revuri

    Get the balcony seats to stay out of the rain and have a perfect view of the field.
  • Eric Butler

    Go Seahawks! Bring the Lombardi trophy to Seattle this Season!
  • Teshawn Edmonds

    Come on, you Sounders! Come on, you Seahawks! Let's GO!
  • Ikal Adi Lestari

    Mar 3, 2013 - 11:30 (+8 GMT) - Seattle vs Montreal | Mar 17, 2013 - 10:00 (+8 GMT) - Seattle vs Portland | Apr 8, 2013 - 12:00 (+8 GMT) - Seattle vs Chivas | More http://goo.gl/fJjAF
  • Andrew Sprung

    Sounds, Seahawks and Beer. I love sports
  • Edwin Leal

    Crazy fans. To bad most of them are fake
  • ? Deon Parcon

    Go seahawks!
  • RVN

    CAPT. KAEP KNOWS! #49ers #Seahawks
  • Mohd Ajib Ahamad

    Big stadium for nice game...
  • Josh Decker

    Check out #Sounders fans tweets and photos on Tagboard! Http://tagboard.com/sounders
  • Anthony Schlotfeldt


    no badge for me..:(
  • Ahsan Awan

    Find @quackarazzi taking pics and smile. Tweet a ShoutOut w/ section number and you may be found first.
  • Aly Loverin

    Now home away from home to University of Washington football games. Go Huskies!!! Thanks Centurylink!
  • Greg M

    Bring your ATM card cause beer is $9.75 a pop!
  • Yonel Etienne

    Great performance by all of you !!!
  • Nick Lucchesi

    Great sight lines. Sit in club level 107!
  • Meggan Davis

    Hooray Football! Hooray soccer! Not-hooray the sad lack of vegetarian options. Isn't this Seattle!?
  • Do Nguyen

    love this place, soccer, football, and more.
  • Carla

    I <3 Century Link Field!!!!
  • Ryan P

    Don't forget the back entrance at that SE corner of the stadium if you are coming from the Light Rail. Much faster to go here then to walk around.
  • Saundra Rice

    Try the Supa Fredy!
  • Tessa MacDuff Pupius

    Check out a Seattle Sounders game.
  • Carol T

    Nothing beats the Sounders crowd. Energetic! Loud! Awesome!
  • KMJtravels

    there's not really a bad seat in the house
  • Steve Browne

    Go Sounders!
  • Nasa Boonya

    SATURDAY, MAY 12 8:00PM MDT (= Sun, May 13 9.00AM,Thailand) - Real Salt Lake VS Seattle
  • dinesh gaur

    waiting to visit here next
  • Bryan Poole

    Maybe my favorite place in Seattle.
  • JeMii

    I'm so Happy
  • Victor Udman

    i love this stadium very loud. great seat. very fun time for sounder or seahawks
  • CarInsuranceChamps.com

    Was here for a Seahawks game! What a great place.
  • Kaiser Pham

    Major soccer league
  • SIKA @maransikaputrii

  • [Pat]

    Triple kills
  • torque6309

    March 17, 2012 10:00pm EDTSeattle Sounders FC vs Toronto FCMLS Regular Season
  • Nuno Godinho

    Very interesting stadium. Nice to go and see
  • Nick Shelly

    My tip is simple: if you have a stadium tip, don't share it because then everyone will be doing it!
  • Henry Lee

    Great 90-minute tour of the stadium for only $7
  • Kathy Lin

    The club level is an awesome place to have a company party.
  • Tyler R

    This IS the loudest stadium in the NFL.
  • Conner Wilson

    Seahawks are going to kill the rams!
  • Jeff Ragle

    Ivars Chowder and Garlic Fries!
  • Mark Abel

    Wait until right after game time for cheap tickets from the scalpers.
  • lanna ripp

    Get the roasted nuts outside 131. That's what you're smelling all night!
  • Marc Newman

    You get more reliable cellphone reception during a game near the outside walls.
  • Elspeth Faber

    Outside the stadium, best hotdogs csan be had from Al's!
  • Jeremy Trout

    It is not easy to call it anything but Qwest field...and today is not the day to start. Enjoy Qwest field.
  • Matthew

    Go Sounders!
  • Jerry Lin

    Alcohol cuts off at the 60 minute mark. :(
  • Gabe_Cera 7

    Go 49ers! @49ersFaithful
  • Jon Barney

    Go Mariners!
  • Yatharth Gupta

    Plan for parking, and remember when you get out - the guy who parked the farthest gets our first.
  • Rolland Lawrenz

    Hotdogs outside are mmmm.